Learn to Play Bad Golf Well

Jan 21, 12

Playing bad golf isn’t always a bad thing. Many people are or know someone that’s a bad golfer. Just because you don’t hit the ball straight or on target each time doesn’t mean you can’t learn to play good golf. Learning to play golf your way is one of the best ways to go from bad golf to good golf. Bad golfers need to practice on making their game better but in the meantime can play their game well.

One of the most common problems that bad golfers have is they don’t set up to the ball properly. Grip, alignment and posture are the three most important things you need to remember when you approach the ball. This is where bad shots are made. As a bad golfer, you need to work on making these three things the priority for your golf game.

Until you learn to fix these problems however you can take your bad game and use it to play good golf. This only works however if you’re consistent with hitting bad shots. If you hit the ball to the right every time then you aim left of your target. You’ll want to avoid aiming so far left that you’ll end up in the trees, water or sand. Aim the ball well enough that if you do hit a straight shot, you can still play it.

Knowing the course and how far you hit each club is a great way to play good golf. You might not be able to beat good golfers that hit solid shots but you can keep yourself from scoring in the 100’s. If you consistently bogey every hole that’s a good thing even if it’s considered bad by most golfers. Consistency in golf is a good thing even if it’s consistently bad. Bad golfers can play golf just as well as others if they have consistency.

Another thing to avoid when you’re actually playing is to not try to correct your golf swing or anything else when you’re playing a round. Many bad golfers and even good golfers try to correct their game in the middle of a round. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If you’re a professional golfer with years of training under your belt then you can fix your game on the fly. Everyone else needs to work on their game on the driving range and practice greens.

Remember that consistency will keep you playing better golf even if it’s bad. Remember that planning ahead and keeping a positive attitude will also help you perform better. Play golf your way and learn to play it well. Just because you think someone has a good golf game doesn’t mean that trying to copy it will make you a better golfer.