Linsanity Headed to Houston

Linsanity appears to be over in the Big Apple . Jeremy Lin has signed an offer sheet with the Houston Rockets for three years worth a total of twenty five million dollars. Lin played for the Houston Rockets before briefly, being cut by the team in training camp. Kevin McHlale and the Houston Rockets front officer wanted to be able to correct their mistake and hopefully move forward and into the future with this young and capable point guard.

The Knicks seemed likely to match the Rockets’ offer sheet at one point, but owner James Dolan reportedly was the one who ultimately vetoed any possible offer to Ln as a restricted free agents. The Knicks already signed Jason Kidd and traded for Raymond Felton in the offseason so many people already saw the writing on the wall when it comes to point guards. Felton and Kidd are more likely to be pass first point guards so with two guys like Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire on the team, the team probably did not have enough shots to go around that would allow Lin to blossom into a star.

Jeremy Lin definitely still has some doubters, particularly after he suffered a knee injury, but Carmelo Anthony is one of those believers in Lin. Anthony is quite disappointed that the Knicks did not match the Rockets offer. Knicks head coach Mike Woodson certainly has some people questioning his credibility as he predicted that the Knicks were likely to match the Rockets offer sheet and that Lin would be the starting point for the Knicks next season.

Jeremy Lin was very interested in the idea of coming back to the Knicks, but the trade for Raymond Felton definitely caught him off guard. Lin certainly feels like he could contribute to a winning team and he wanted to be able to help Carmelo and Amare with their search for a championship. Jason Kidd was also reportedly looking forward to mentoring Lin, but Kidd’s stay in New York did not get off to a roaring start because he was recently arrested for a DUI.

The Rockets on the other had have been trying to do everything they can to free up some room and try to make a deal for Dwight Howard. It is difficult to say what Howard would think of playing in Houston, but it appears that if Howard gets traded anywhere the Lakers are his most likely landing spot. The Rockets needed Lin as they look to stock their roster with young talent. I will be particularly curious to see what rookies Royce White and Jeremy Lamb do this season.