Managing Athletic Equipment: Tips for Coaches and Athletes

Many folks think of dusty cabinets and old portraits when they think about self-storage sheds. Even though thousands of self-storage facilities exists in all corners of North America and can be used for many practical purposes, most folks think that they are simply a place to stash old, unused goods. Here are a few logical ways that athletes and sports teams can use storage lockers.

Group Storage for Athletic Teams

Many high school and college cycling and rowing teams are at a complete loss for a safe and practical place to store their equipment when they are not using it. As budgets dry up in public schools and storage spaces are forcefully converted into offices and classrooms, the idea of safely storing a collection of racing bicycles or competitive rowboats is simply out of the question. These groups are the perfect candidates for self-storage facilities, which would allow them the ability to store their valuable equipment safely and relatively inexpensively while allowing them easy 24-hour access to it.

Official Little and Junior League Equipment Room

Coaches and parents of little league players all over the nation are often asked to shoulder the load and spatial burden of being responsible for storing the team equipment when it not in use, such as the bats, balls, catcher’s padding and helmets. Since leaving the equipment outside in the elements is not an option, the volunteers often have no choice but to cram the equipment into spaces around their house, which is obviously a less-than-ideal situation. By combining forces with a few other little league teams, a coach or parent can simply rent a storage space that can comfortably and securely house the equipment, which they can easily pick up and drop off before and after each game.

Preserve Important Relics of the Past

Many highs schools, colleges and sporting leagues compile an abundance of trophies, pictures and other relics of past season as time marches onward. The space to correctly store these items is almost always at a premium, so renting a storage space to keep relics of the past is a wise move for a school or organization that is piling up the goods. In many states around the nation, a space big enough to hold several decades worth of memories will only cost a person a few dozen dollars a month.

Athletes and coaches all over the country are beginning to make use of storage facilities on a regular basis. If you fall into either of those categories, it is time to take a moment to evaluate whether or not self-storage facilities can work to your advantage.

Image by j9sk9s and licensed through Creative Commons.

Paul Benjamin is a District Manager for EZ Storage, a company providing self storage solutions for a wide variety of needs, whether big or small – for any length of time.