Manning & Urlacher Too Friendly During NFL Game

The fact that Danieal Manning had such a great game against the Chicago Bears as a member of the Houston Texans may have highlighted a problem that I have found in sports. Manning had an interception against the Bears and as Manning was running off of the field Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher gave him a five. Manning and Urlacher were teammates in Chicago, this does not mean that they shouldn’t take the process of playing against each other seriously. The Commissioner of the NFL has been worried that not enough people are actually going to the games because of the success of HDTV making the games look so good on TV. There are a lot of people who may question whether or not football players are being truly competitive these days. I also caught a number of the Detroit Lions laughing quite a bit as they were down by two touchdowns on Sunday versus the Minnesota Vikings.

I am not saying that some people are not allowed to have fun and have a laugh during a football game, it just brings your commitment into question when you are down by several scores and just yucking it up with your teammates. People can make decisions based upon how much they care about the game of football, I simply could not understand why players on the Saints would potentially have to make extra money on the side as a part of some sort of bounty scandal. The bounty scandal may be more proof that players need more incentive to play the game of football with a higher level of commitment.

People should always try to remain positive when it comes to assuming that their favorite team is giving the best effort they can, but that is not necessarily true. There are a large number of people out there who can diagnose the exact time period when a team quit, but the hope is that the entire organization and the large paycheck that many players get would be enough for players to stay motivated.

People should not give a lot of quitters in the NFL a second chance. Albert Haynesworth was a football player that people gave second chances to despite many people really questioned his level of effort. Haynesworth was someone who was given a ton of money by Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins and yet he wasn’t able to ignore his philosophical differences with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan. I guess it is true that money doesn’t actually buy success.