Mariners Complete Remodeling Project? Trade Ichiro

People are going to ask themselves whether or not the deal for Ichiro Suzuki will end up having a significant impact on the New York Yankees as they look to make a deep run into the postseason. It is very important to have a table setter at the top of the lineup in order to make sure that you can get to see a pitcher’s entire portfolio when they happen to be out on the mound.

Derek Jeter is reportedly very excited about the idea of having Ichiro Suzuki on the roster. There are many people out there who already know how successful older players can be on the New York Yankees roster. Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez are two veterans on the team who are definitely capable of having a successful season.
The question with the Yankees very well may be about the bullpen and exactly how that bullpen gets managed. Yankees fans are always ready to come after the manager if they happen to mismanage the bullpen. A key question for the Yankees pitching staff could also be whether or not a thirty five year old like Freddy Garcia can give them a reliable performance when called upon.

Seattle Mariners fans have to feel bad about this entire situation as they were never able to win a championship with Ichiro Suzuki on their roster. Suzuki hasn’t been on very good teams in Seattle and many of the teams that he played on were not able to even stay in contention. The Mariners had a few decent years here and there, but the truth is that the team has not been consistently competitive since the Lou Pinella days. Mike Hargrove had some good years as manager of the Mariners, but I think Hargrove did see the writing on the wall when he resigned from the team midseason in 2007. People have sometimes questioned the dedication of the ownership team in Seattle, but I think the fact that the Mariners are in the tough AL West and many top players may be discouraged from going there because they do not feel like they can win.

The Mariners were able to acquire pitchers D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farqhaur in the trade for Ichiro from the New York Yankees. Mitchell is a pitcher that many scouts are high on so the truth of the matter is that with Ichiro now at age thirty eight that the Mariners are likely to get a good deal over the long term when it comes to this trade.