Mark Cuban Mad At Jason Kidd?

Jason Kidd does hold the Dallas Mavericks in a special place in his heart. Jason Kidd did decide to move on and sign with the New York Knicks. Mark Cuban was very frustrated with the fact that Kidd was willing to sign with the Knicks for virtually the same deal with the Knicks.

The candor that Mark Cuban speaks with when he talks about the salary cap is quite impressive. There are a lot of people out there who try to act like everything about their basketball team has to be talked about in secret. Cuban criticizes the system of the NBA and the collective bargaining agreement. A lot of the fans who criticized Mark Cuban for not signing Tyson Chandler at the end of last season clearly did not understand the financial ramifications of such a signing.

Chandler himself understood that the Mavericks did not have the financial resources in order to get the signing done. Mark Cuban also went into a fair amount of detail about how his team was better off for not signing Deron Williams. Deron Williams would have cost the Mavs a fair amount of money and they would have had trouble building a team around Dirk Nowitzki and Sean Marion. The money that the Brooklyn Nets paid Deron Williams was seventeen million dollars higher than any team appeared to be willing to pay. Seventeen million dollars is definitely enough money to give certain teams trouble under the salary cap, no question about it. Dirk could have potentially benefited from the Mavericks signing Dwight Howard.

A large number of people realize that Cuban has one of the most profitable franchises in the NBA so a lot of people would not agree with him criticizing Jason Kidd for making what Kidd thought was the best basketball decision for him. Kidd’s conditioning efforts are still top notch, but the question is what kind of a role he will play with the Knicks, hopefully he would be able to hit the occasional jump shot when Carmelo Anthony may be having an off night.

Michael Finley has been hired as a consultant with the Mavericks and he was involved in the recruitment of Deron Williams. Williams obviously took their recruitment seriously and it makes sense to want to listen to a credible consultant like Michael Finley who played a long time in the league. Cuban was also surprised that Jason Kidd signed with the Knicks after he was involved with the recruitment of Deron Williams.