Marlon Byrd Suspended 50 Games by Major League Baseball

Marlon Byrd is a guy who a lot of people in baseball really like. The guy seems to have fun with the game, but of course his respect for the game of baseball is going to come into question given that he has now been suspended for testing positive for a Performance Enhancing Drug.

The performance enhancing drugs issue is something that many baseball fans have become number to and I will let the readers decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing when it comes down to it.

Victor Conte is still working in the world of sports and the counseling of athletes. Victor Conte has been embroiled in the whole Balco scandal and the huge explosion of using performance enhancing drugs throughout sports. The fact that Marlon Byrd was still working with a guy like Victor Conte when it came to his workouts may show you what kind of poor decisions people make from time to time. Marlon Byrd likely had a friendship with a guy like Conte and he did not want to break that friendship off.
Marlon Byrd has had some pressure on him during his career. Byrd was a prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies system that everyone was talking about as if he was going to be a savior for the franchise. The Phillies had most of their success as a franchise after Byrd left the organization. Byrd is someone who does not really seem to be a guy who stresses out too much and the hope is that he will be able to get back to the Majors and hopefully close out what has already been an eleven year playing career. Byrd has last played with the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox can be a great franchise to buy for and the fact that Marlon has been able to play for both the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox over the years is something that he should be very proud of. Marlon Byrd was able to make it to an All Star game in 2010 and he was hitting 270 with the Red Sox this year. I would argue that Byrd is most valuable when it comes to trying the ball down in centerfield. Byrd specifically said that Victor Conte had nothing to do with his positive test, but executives in the world of baseball are not necessarily going to believe that. I would expect baseball to look at Marlon Byrd with a skeptical eye when his suspension is over, but I do not necessarily believe that such a skeptical eye is warranted.