Mavs Taking Risk With Eddy Curry?

Eddy Curry is probably very happy to be under contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Curry has had some health and personal problems that have kept from reaching his potential in the NBA. It was very interesting to see the Mavs put Curry out there almost immediately after signing him to a contract.

Curry is reportedly very grateful about having a second chance in the NBA. Curry was not sure that he would be able to play again after having to battle stamina issues due to a hereditary heart problem.

It would be a big deal for Eddy Curry if he were able to stay on the Dallas Mavericks roster for a significant amount of time. Curry could become a good defensive specialist in the same way that DeSanga Diop was for the Mavericks.

Chris Kaman was the big man who received the significant money for signing with the Mavericks in the offseason. Kaman did a lot of good work with the Clippers, but it is important to keep the big picture in mind and focus on a championship. The Mavs are an easier franchise to work for, but you cannot get complacent.
The Mavs no longer have Jason Terry, this could mean that the Mavs do not have as many great shooters to kick the ball out to. There is a valid question as to where the Mavs will be able to get their outside scoring when Dirk Nowitzki is not actually in the game, they do have a defensive specialist on the perimeter with Dahntay Jones.

People are always complaining about the Mavs using an older roster, but the formula did work for them once as the team did win a championship. Rick Carlisle is a coach that expects his players to make mature decisions and to put the team first. The fact that the team took the time to cut a talented player like Delonte West because West simply can’t keep a lot of his emotions in check.

Mark Cuban will make sure that the Mavs are always going to be relevant as long as he owns the team, he has not been afraid to take risks in the past. An investment in Eddy Curry is a big gamble, but Curry is not as big of a gamble as the signing of Dennis Rodman. Rodman was a disaster in his short stint with the Mavs, but Cuban was a young owner and he admits he made a mistake with Rodman.