Meeting a Famous Sport’s Star

FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT: I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite players from my favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks and the player is Marshawn Lynch who I am a huge fan of. Living in Las Vegas affords me opportunities that many others may not have because of the nature of this city. People come here to celebrate just about any occasion and in the off season, it is a Mecca for athletes from all sports. This is true for my NFL team’s players and recently, one of my favorites came into to town for a birthday party. Now, I am not only a content writer, I also own my own graphic design firm and since I work from home, business can be slow so I use writing to supplement my income. I decided to take this player a gift for his birthday and figured it would be my “in” to meet him. I carefully chose a glass, it lights up lime green, my favorite of my team colors and has different flashing modes, for the bling effect that I knew Lynch would love. I put his nicknames, Money, Beast Mode and 24 on it along with our team’s logo. This glass was perfect, it looked great and when I showed my friends on Facebook, they all wanted one so I knew he’d really love it. I got ready to go to the birthday bash, printed out fliers that would get me and my friends into the club for free and headed to the casino where the club is located. Since I was so nervous, I choose to get there early to play a few slots and relax before the doors to the club opened. My friends met up with me and one in particular, Ryan, was great at relaxing me by offering me a cocktail or two. This did calm the nerves quite a bit and by the time we went up to the club, I was excited rather than nervous. We missed the cut off time for the free entry but again, Ryan came through and bought our way in. In Vegas, money talks and he had a little extra to help me on my mission. We found out which VIP area that Lynch was heading to and I and Ryan went to that area to wait. I turned the glass on and put on the platform so Lynch would see the glass as soon as he came in. The bouncers would not allow me to keep my glass up there for some reason I can still not fathom so I took it down. About an hour later, the club is packed and I’m getting a little antsy, did we have bad information, is he really coming? By the time those thoughts went through my head, a huge group of people entered his VIP area. He was with them and I was thrilled to be standing merely feet away from the greatest football player on my team today. I pulled the glass out of my purse and turned it on and held it up so he could see it which he did and his reaction was more than I could have hoped for. He came over, took that glass and had a huge smile on his face. My friend pointed out my hair which is dyed the team colors and my full sleeve of my team’s logos tattooed on my arm. Marshawn Lynch pulled me up, gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek after I said the glass was for his birthday and I made it for him. Rather than get on the dance floor right away or start partying, he played with the glass; carefully choosing the flashing element he wanted then proudly displayed it for all to see. For some reason, the bouncers did not mind when he did that and did not tell him to take it down as they did me. I spoke to his manager, showed the manager some pictures of other work I had done a car with the full team logo and colors that I had worked on and some tee shirt designs, he was impressed and asked for my business card. He asked if we had anything we’d like the player to sign and we both had brought something and got our swag signed. I did not expect this as it was a party and not really the time to ask for autographs but since he offered I figured why not? Ryan was feeling poorly at this time and chose to leave, but I was not done with night quite yet. I hung around the VIP area and about an hour later, Marshawn was standing right behind me. He said he loved my hair and my tattoos and I asked if I could hang out in the VIP area. I told him I wasn’t trying to drink his booze or sleep with his posse; I just wanted to say I partied with him. He told me how to get into the area and to have a great time.

I went in, danced for about fifteen minutes then headed home. It had been a long night, I got to meet my favorite athlete and he loved my graphic work plus I got to hang out with good friends. For me, the night could not have been any greater and this huge star was just a down to earth guy who wanted to party a little for his birthday. It was a night I will never forget and stands in my top ten best events in my life. If another one of the Seahawks players comes into town, you can bet I’ll be there, ready to meet them and have a great night again!