Men’s Volleyball Commentary

Reid Priddy certainly had a good day as the U.S. men’s volleyball team defeated Germany. Reid Priddy and Chad Stanley are playing very well for the team. Priddy seems to be keeping everything in perspective when it comes to keeping track of the big goals out there. People have to understand the intensity that can be linked to men’s volleyball. Chad Stanley and the entire team of course want to make the country proud, this in many ways is the best chance to attract more young people to the sport of volleyball. Matt Anderson and his killing ability can play a big role, there are a lot of people out there who can end up charging the net.

Hugh McCutchen is creating a bit of a legacy for himself, now as the women’s coach. It is worth noting that the volleyball team ended up going undefeated in the Bejing games as well. McCutchen Analysts expect Brazil to be major competition for the gold medal and it was a bit of a shock that the United States defeated them in the 2008 games.

Brazil may play a better team game overall while the United States very well may have better individual players out there who can help you out of a jam if you need a team to score. Team USA was a bit of an emotional favorite during the 2008 games after their coach’s father as stabbed, the emotion of the whole event was said to carry the team a little bit.

The game of volleyball was actually invented at a YMCA in Massachusetts. There are a lot of people who do not necessarily know that fact and as disorganized as the round robin volleyball tournaments are in gym classes all over the country, no one would have ever guessed that.

The U.S, hopes to make it into the top four teams in order to advance to the next round. It makes sense to pace yourself and not to take anything for granted. A very good Poland team was defeated earlier in the Olympics. The fact that Poland was defeated by a Bulgarian team that recently lost one of their top players is something that surprised many analysts. Audrey Zhekov did not believe the Bulgarian team was given the right amount of resources. A number of people out there would also point that the Bulgarian coach quit a few months before the games began as well.