Mike Brown Fired As Lakers Coach Who Can Do Better?

The firing of Mike Brown as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers is something that probably could have happened at the end of the last season. Mike Brown never was a big enough name for the L.A. crowd who do not realize how difficult it is to be a successful coach in the NBA. Kobe Bryant may or may not think Mike Brown is a capable coach, the truth is that it is really hard to tell.

A motivated player like Kobe can be very hard on any coach, some players get so confident when it comes to their own ability that they may not think that they even need a head coach.People are going to jump all over the fact that Mike Brown brought in Eddie Jordan in order to run the Princeton offense, people can criticize the Princeton offense all they want, but at least the offense is something different.

I know most stars would prefer the iso-game where they end up just shooting things from the elbow. A lot of people are going to look at Mike D’Antoni as the best possible long term replacement for Mike Brown, but I still believe that defense wins championships. D’Antoni can not change stripes this late in his career, he’s going to try to outscore people and that will just lead to another playoff exit, the kind that they would have seen under Mike Brown.
The Lakers are a storied franchise and Kobe Bryant has played a large role in their story. You have to make a note of how Phil Jackson is the only coach that has been able to assist Kobe in winning a NBA Championship. Bryant is going to be annoyed by the fact that his lack of a championship without Jackson keeps getting mentioned, but at the same time Jordan never won one without Phil Jackson either. The Michael Jordan couldn’t do it either card is a pretty effective one when it comes to the game of basketball. Brian Shaw may be the person that Kobe wants to replace Mike Brown with.

The NBA is a league that needs superstars and they would like to have those superstars playing well when it is possible. The NBA wants Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the playoffs for sure. The NBA is not going to fix games for them, don’t get me wrong. A Miami Heat versus Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals is exactly what many people would want if they want the NBA to have high rations.