New Baby, New Year, New Site- New Beginnings

Dec 27, 11

As we approach the last week of 2011, it is a time of preparation for new beginnings. A New Year will bring excitements, anticipations and more. For me, it means a new site to showcase my love and passion for sports. For more than a year now, I have been publishing to Yahoo! Sports and while I love the opportunities that have been given to me there, I also miss having my own platform to write about whatever I want- not within the confines of another site’s rules.

I enjoy being able to write about the sports that interest me, interview the people I choose and even have the opportunity to showcase the articles of others when it is fitting and useful to my readers. Sports Zone Media was born of this passion and desire to share my knowledge and my love of sports with others. The new site is not the only thing born recently…

New Baby

This is Isaiah and he is 5 days old as I write this. Isaiah is my 5th child and as I look at his cute little face and tiny fingers, I think of all the things I will teach him and all the things he will one day be able to do. I am reminded of just how important sports and physical activity are to children. As a youth coach and a mom, I see firsthand what healthy activities can do for a child.

His birth also means that I can get back to many of the activities I had to give up late in my pregnancy. I am an advocate for healthy pregnancies and I believe that (under a doctor’s guidance and care) women should  be able to maintain most of the sports and activities they did before they got pregnant, during and after the pregnancy as well. You will find many articles on the topic here.

Little Isaiah is my sidekick/assistant coach and will be joining me in this mission to make Sports Zone Media a success. All of my children are active in sports and activities and as a youth coach, I am involved in their activities as well. You will see each of them make a presence on this site when relevant.  I fully support youth in sports and I’m here to answer any questions you may have as a parent or a coach about your children in sports and other activities. Don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

About Sports Zone Media

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We provide fantasy sport previews, professional game recaps and scores, health and fitness articles, coaching tips, personal player tips for a variety of sports, exclusive interviews, product reviews and more for sports fans or anyone who participates in the sport industry.

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I look forward to sharing in this journey with you and making Sports Zone Media your number one source for all things sports in 2012 and beyond!