New Protective Head Gear For Soccer?

Sports equipment is something that people need to find at an affordable rate. You also have to find good equipment that can limit the number of concussion that different athletes will end up suffering from. Are there pieces of equipment that truly can limit the number of concussions in a game like soccer?

Yes, in fact there are. A parent or a coach may have to find a particular manufacturer in order to make sure that you can get the good soccer equipment that you need to protect the players out there. Concussion awareness is something that the United States Congress is starting to focus on. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia showed a lot of interest in the subject given that so many children in his state currently do not have health insurance. Full90 Sports Premiere A is probably the most popular type of anti-concussion gear that you can use out on the soccer field. A person who has had a concussion previously may not want to use the Full90 gear in order to rush out on the field quicker, you have to be willing to consult with your doctor.

Soccer is becoming more popular in states like Oregon given that the city of Portland was able to land an MLS team, you have to be aware of this new found popularity if you are a parent whose kids do have an interest in sports.

I am sure that soccer purists may say that there is no guarantee that the soccer headgear will help prevent concussions, but we have to be able to find options so kids can have a lot of fun and still get their exercise.

There is no need to be a purist when kids could be getting injured. There are many people out there who do not necessarily like the idea of cheap shots in football, but there are some people who argue about what a dirty play or cheap shot is in football. There are some people who would certainly disagree with former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington that they shouldn’t change the game of football at all in order to make it safer for kids.

Arrington believes that if kids are coached with a correct technique that the game is safe enough. The right coaches will end up making a difference in the long run, but I would argue that most parents do want to see some sort of protective gear.