NFL Using New L.A. Stadium As Ransom?

There will be a new football stadium in Los Angeles soon. The question is where there will be a football team there to help meet the needs of football fans in Los Angeles. Could there be  former players in the Los Angeles area who would want to invest in a team? It is quite possible. There are a lot of former players out there like Troy Vincent who would potentially make a good investor in the future for a Los Angeles based NFL team.
There are a lot of good financial services companies out there that could consider dealing with the costs of running an NFL team. Los Angeles itself has a fairly significant pro-worker bent to it so any owner of an NFL franchise there would need to be able to work with pro-labor politicians.

A new owner would have to want a good working relationship with a guy like Kevin Mawae. The former owner of the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders had some trouble with different city officials in Los Angeles and some people believe that is due to the fact that they viewed Davis as anti-labor. Al Davis was a guy who definitely grew up in poverty and he would understand the struggles that so many people face.

AEG Entertainment has already faced lawsuits from anti-poverty groups over the wages that they are offering workers to build the stadium. Fair Play is one of the organizations that filed the lawsuit over the lack of air quality around the stadium and how this current project will make matters worse. Fair trade products are something that needs to be sold and purchased on a regular basis in and around this new Los Angeles stadium.

Many people have argued that given the struggles of the Jacksonville Jaguars, it may make a lot of sense for the team to be moved to the city of Los Angeles. There are not a lot of people who would be devastated about the Jaguars moving to Los Angeles around the league, there really isn’t a lot of history there.
There are some people who may be afraid that the NFL is using the prospect of there being a new stadium in Los Angeles as a type of ransom note forcing some teams to renovate their own stadiums, or else. The Carolina Panthers and other organizations have worked harder to find financing in order to avoid the L.A. issue. The NFL does have a tendency to use not so subtle tactics to get what they want.