Oakland Athletics Above .500 for the First Time in 2012

The Oakland A’s are above .500 for the first time in 2012, and with such low expectations heading into the season, I have to say it’s a rather pleasant surprise. The green and gold aren’t the best in baseball by any means, but they’ve managed to  achieve more wins than losses and are currently tied at second place with the Seattle Mariners in the American League West just 4.5 games behind the Texas Rangers.

Oakland’s 5-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles on Friday, April 27, gave them their 11th win of the season, with Brandon McCarthy getting credit for his first win of the season.

McCarthy remarked, ”As young of a team as we are, just getting positive momentum, that’s important for us.”

A’s reliever Ryan Cook came in during the eighth inning of Friday’s game and became just the third pitcher in franchise history to record a four-strikeout inning. With Tom Milone’s shutouts and Bartolo Colon’s 38 consecutive strikeouts this month, fans have already been treated to some rather exceptional feats on the pitching mound.

Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes hit his fifth home run in Wednesday’s game when he knocked a two-run homer to come back and tie the game again after Chicago had scored two runs. At that moment it seemed the A’s failing offense saw their  momentum change for the better as the ball sailed across the field.

Against the Orioles on Friday, it was a solo home run from Josh Reddick and a  two-run homer from Eric Sogard that kept the offense afloat.

With a win in their first game of a long nine-game road trip on the East Coast, things are certainly looking brighter for the green and gold.  Now we patiently wait to find out if they’ll return to Oakland on May 8 on the positive side of the fence. The potential is certainly there. Go A’s!