Odd Sports around the World

If you’re tired of the typical basketball and football and other traditional sports, then you might consider some of these odd sports from around the world. Here are some weird, odd and unusual sports from around the world. I have to admit though some of them sound fun!

Chess Boxing- This interesting sport is a combination of chess and boxing. It pits brawn and brain and there are different games alternating after each round. A match can last up to eleven rounds, start with four minutes of a chess round that is followed by two minutes of boxing. Can you outwit your opponent after taking a beating? The World Chess Boxing Organization has a motto: “Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board”.

Kickball- This is an American sport and not so unusual to many of us in the United States but what is weird is that it is no longer a child’s playground sport. Adults are getting back into the kickball action with sanctioned teams in many states. Some teams even take kickball to a new level by wearing costumes and other unusual garb while playing.

Korfball- This is a Dutch version of basketball played in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Korfball is also one of the few mixed-gender ball games.

Cheese Rolling- Some might consider it more of an activity than a sport but cheese rolling is something the citizens of Gloucestershire enjoy every spring in England. The event involves rolling a wheel of cheese down a big hill and chasing after it. The winner of the race gets to keep their cheese. Cooper Hill is so steep, cheese wheels have been known to reach 70MPH or more and have actually injured racers before.

Camel Racing-Camel racing is a common sport in the Middle East and India as well as in Australia. Once known for only child jockeys, there are now many adults who get into the sport as well.

Wife carrying- Originating in Finland, wife carrying is a sport where the males race (often through obstacles) with their female mate on their backs. The fastest time wins and there are a variety of ways in which the man can carry the wife, as long as she stays on his back the whole time.

Octopush (underwater hockey)-This is a non-contact underwater version of hockey that takes water sports to a whole new level. Octopush is making appearances as a sport in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.