Patrick Ewing: Next Head Coach of the Bobcats?

Is Patrick Ewing the best possible candidate to coach the Charlotte Bobcats? This is a genuine question that many people out there should be willing to ask. There is no doubt that Patrick Ewing would likely work well with Kentucky big man and projected number one overall pick Anthony Davis, but is Patrick Ewing too soft spoken to take a head coaching job? He has had numerous interview opportunities in the past and he has yet to land that first head coaching gig.
There are also some people out there who may think this is a bit of a publicity stunt.

The thought of the Bobcats being able to sell more tickets and get more attention because you have the dynamic of Michael Jordan working with Patrick Ewing as the head coach is something that work. The Charlotte franchise does need a couple of shots in the arm.

The Charlotte Bobcats also have to figure out whether Kemba Walker can play at a consistently high level in the NBA or whether he is just a good role player who can possibly play a couple different positions. Patrick Ewing was recently interviewed on the Dan Patrick show and said he would love the opportunity to coach the Bobcats. Ewing has praised the head coaches that he has worked in the past such as Doug Collins and both Stan and Jeff Van Gundy.

Ewing probably would like to coach the New York Knicks, but that job is likely to go to Phil Jackson or Mike Woodson. I would like to see him hire Greg Anthony or someone like that he played with in New York with the Knicks as an assistant coach. It is time to figure out whether D.J. Augustine has the skill set to be a truly tough point guard. Greg Anthony could certainly convince Augustine to play a more edgy, attacking style of basketball. Augustin is a skilled player, but I certainly think most coaches seem to prefer a guy like Raymond Felton who was on the Bobcats roster in the past to a guy like D.J. Augustin. Larry Brown seemed to prefer Felton over Augustin when he was the head coach of the Bobcats.

B.J. Mullens is another project that Ewing and others would be able to work with. It is a shame that Charles Oakley had to resign due to health issues as a Bobcats assistant because I think he would have done great things with a guy like Mullens. Mullens probably left Ohio State way too early and it has set him back in his development as a player.
Many people are simply going to question every moving Ewing makes if he were to get the job with the Charlotte Bobcats so in many ways it may be a situation where he simply can’t win.