Pistons Roster Still Lacking Proven Talent

The Detroit Pistons needed to make more serious moves in the offseason if they wanted to be competitive within the Eastern Conference. The Pistons roster is simply not up to the task. Rodney Stuckey is a very capable player, but you have to get talent around him that will make him better, he is not a player that can carry a franchise into the future. They are trying to create a situation where Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe can feed off of each other as quality big men while Jason Maxiell will tend to do the little things that make the difference when it comes to creating a winning atmosphere on the inside. Andre Drummond is going to take time to develop and the University of Connecticut has a mixed record as far as big men translating well to the NBA game.

There are many people out there who may be skeptical of some of the work that Joe Dumars has done as General Manager of the Pistons, but I think most people can largely see where he is going with the roster.

The fact that the team is going to be paying Corey Magette over ten million dollars this season is not going to help the team, that is not a shot at Mr. Magette, but just a simple fact.
There are a large number of people who think that Brandon Knight could be an elite point guard in this league one day, but there are other players on the roster who just haven’t found their footing in the NBA such as Terrence Williams. Terrence William could definitely fit in somewhere in the NBA if he could get his shot from the outside to fall consistently.

The fact that Rasheed Wallace is headed back to the NBA and not signing with the Pistons may be a sign that Detroit is a few years away from being competitive; the trade of Ben Gordon for Maggette may be as sign that the Pintons want more self starters on their roster. Rasheed Wallace could definitely teach Greg Monroe and Drummond a thing or two about being more physical in the post, but Wallace’s outspoken nature may not be the kind of headache that Joe Dumars and others are willing to deal with. Will Bynum is a guy who a lot of people doubted despite the fact that he was viewed as strictly a defensive specialist during his time with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.