Putting the Practice Into Your Putting

As one of the most played sports in the world, golf provides a relaxing break for millions of players worldwide. Of course, there is a competitive edge and to be the best player you can possibly be requires hours of dedicated practice.

Concentrate on More Than Just Your Drive

While most people concentrate on their long-range shots during practice sessions, it is important not to let other aspects of the game pass you by. There is much more to the game than simply teeing off! Driving ranges obviously provide handy practice areas for the long-range aspects of golf, but simply concentrating on your driving is not advised. Much like circuit training, it is important to exercise all the different elements to ensure you improve your all-round game. What is the point in having a brilliant drive if you spoil all that hard work with below-par (excuse the pun) putting?

Set Targets

Head down to the practice green with a bucketful of golf balls and get ready for some intensive training. There are many ways to make the experience more enjoyable and less repetitive, with variations to the play. Setting yourself objectives to meet will give you something to aim for – other than the hole, that is!

Lining Up

Setting up a line of golf balls a foot apart is a good way to start. Start by putting the closest ball to hole and work your way along the line. This line can be as long as you want, although stretching it out to the very perimeter of the green is a good idea as it will give you the maximum distance you will be expected to put. Practicing in this manner will let you better judge the weight of each shot depending on distance.

Circling the Hole

Arranging balls in a circle around the hole is another fun idea to shake things up a bit. The distance can be altered to however far you feel comfortable with, although a popular method is to use the length of your club as a measure. Putting in this way will allow you to adjust your angles for each shot, rather than simply getting further and further away as with the last method. Combining these two practice methods should ensure you quickly improve on what is often a neglected aspect of golfing practice. This is seriously surprising when you consider how much a good put can improve your score. Put the work in on the practice green and you will soon be on your way to improving in real game situations.

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