Quitting is Never an Option

There is the old saying that quitters never win and this is the truth today.  In sports, there is no room for quitters and quitting is never an option for anyone who wants to compete.  There may be times when you or your team wants to quit but this should never be allowed.  It takes more courage to stay in the game than it does to pack up your stuff and walk away.  Older athletes understand about going on against all odds and this is a fact of sports that should be taught to young players as well.

Reasons You May Want to Quit

When your team or you are getting blown out by the competition, you may feel like quitting and simply forfeiting the game.  This is the time when your true colors should shine through and when you should continue to fight.  Even if there is no chance of totally winning or making a full comeback, you can gain some respect by attempting to make efforts to bring the score closer.  There is no respect in quitting and in fact, many people would not give a team or player any respect at all for not going the distance.

Another reason you may want to quit is because you do not like all of your teammates or coaches.  At the end of the day, you have to work with who is one your team.  In life, we cannot always be blessed with a group of people that are completely compatible with us.  When you learn to be around people who would not normally be in your life, this shows great moral fiber in a person.  You want to work with those who you do not like and then spend your free time surrounded by those that you do.  This is a part of life and one that you should get used to very quickly.

Times When Quitting May be OK

There are very few times when quitting is ok and when it is actually a benefit to you and to the team to quit.  One instance may be a health problem makes it impossible for you to play at your full capacity.  Now that is not to say because you have the flu, but something that is long term and that would make your performance drop.  Another instance may be when you choose to join the military to serve the country.  There is nothing nobler than putting your life on the line and certainly this is much more important than a game.

For the most part, you should never quit unless you have a completely valid reason to do so.  Quitting is never an option when there is time left on the clock or there is more of the game to be played.  Find the courage to stick with it and you’ll find that people respect and admire your determination.