Reggie Miller’s Hall of Fame Induction Brings Back Great Memories

Reggie Miller will be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on September 7th, 2012  Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers of the 1990’s were what got me interested in basketball.  I would watch basketball with my father and because of the NBA playoff games on NBC with the likes of Marv Albert and Bill Walton my dad and I were able to find something in common, a general love of sports.

Reggie Miller is my favorite basketball player of all time.  Reggie and the trash talking that he would do with different players from the New York Knicks added some extra spark to the game.  I was eight years old and it was one of the first time I realized that people from different parts of the country sometimes thought they were better than others.

I knew it might take some time for Reggie to make it to the Naismith Hall of Fame given that he never won an NBA Championship.  I think people like to blame the Jordan era as the biggest reason why they were unable to win an NBA Championship, it is hard to say whether Reggie Miller can use that excuse or not.  If Mark Jackson had arrived in Indiana sooner maybe he could have won a championship.  I will always wonder whether or not the Pacers could have won a championship if Larry Bird had stayed on the bench a couple more years.

Reggie Miller was also a part of the UCLA legacy that was built by the late, great John Wooden.  Reggie may not have been as good on the court as his sister Cheryl was, but he certainly does deserve credit for leading UCLA to good years and no doubt saving the Indiana Pacers, the team may have left Indiana without the drafting of Reggie Miller.

Reggie played for Walt Hazzard, but the fact that the only player ahead of him in overall points in the UCLA records books is Kareem Abdul Jabbar shows exactly how dominant Miller was during his time at UCLA.  Bill Walton and other big time supporter of the UCLA basketball program definitely consider Reggie Miller to be a UCLA legend.

I would presume that Reggie will have his sister Cheryl induct him into the Naismith Hall of Fame with a great speech.  I hope John Starks is going to be there and that they give him a chance to speak.  The battles that John Starks and Reggie Miller had were talked about quite a bit in the documentary “Winning Time:  Reggie Miller versus the New York Knicks” that was directed by Dan Klores.

Reggie’s career could have been extended had he come back as a hired gun from the three point line for the Dallas Mavericks, but he showed a ton of loyal to Indiana Pacers fans who wanted to remember him as one of our own.

Tyler Mills is a former college student looking for a positive way to inform people and make some money to pay living expenses. He also covers sports and Iowa news for the De Moines Free Press.