Riding the Line Between Good and Great

There are many good players in every sport, the player that sort of coasts through, does well but who never really becomes a star.  You can find these players in all sports and there are more good players than there are great players in world.  So what sets these people apart and what makes them great rather than simply good?  The following are some ways sports stars are riding the line the between good and great:

  • Workout or Practice – The really great players rarely take a day off and are always working on their game skills.  Whether they are in the weight room training or running drills for their sport, they never let themselves go to the point of being out of shape.  They may take a day or two off a week, but they are constantly training because if you do not use your skills, you can lose them and this can be hard, but not impossible, to come back from.
  • Study – Great players are always studying the competition to find the weaknesses that can be exploited when the competition takes place.  They also continue to study their own tapes to see what holes are in their own game so when they workout or practice they can work on these areas.  They are constantly working to better themselves mentally as well as physically so they can be ready when game time rolls around.
  • Stay Humble – There is a difference from being a great player and a notorious player.  Notoriety does not necessarily equate to greatness and many of the most famous athletes were humble and did not get into much trouble.  There are an equal number of players who are quite famous but not because of their in sports work ethic but because they do all the wrong things on their off time or they think they are greater than reality portrays.  Stay humble and remember that even though you are attaining to greatness, you are still a human being like everyone else.

Riding the line between good and great is the difference between working harder at your sport and learning your own weaknesses so you can become better.  Study your opponent and yourself to find holes in the game that can either be exploited or worked on.  Remember your roots and stay humble because notoriety does not make you great, you make you great.