Rock Climbing: Common Concerns and Fears

Rock climbing is a very exciting sport that offers its participants a great sense of accomplishment, a nice workout and some interesting stories to tell. This sport teaches balance, control, endurance, agility and it tests your strength. This is why it’s such a physical sport but it’s mentally challenging as well. There are some common concerns and fears that most climbers experience and these can hinder the experience or even keep some people from enjoying the sport.

Here are some of the most common concerns and fears climbers face:

Fear of Falling– The fear of falling is natural and something that most everyone experiences. You can overcome this fear through knowledge. Learn how to use gear correctly, use proper technique and use a belyaer that you trust. These things will help you relax and ease your fears.

Fear of Unknown– A fear of the unknown is what adds to the excitement but it can also make you hesitant to climb. Try concentrating on the thrill of climbing instead of the fear itself.

Fear of Failing – Often people judge themselves too harshly and they give up before they even try. Rock climbing is a challenging sport but that’s half the fun. You never know if you can do something until you try. Rock climbing is not a competition so there is no way to fail. It’s something you try because you want the experience. If it ends up being something you don’t care for, at least you tried and that is what really counts.

Getting Stuck– Many people are afraid of being stuck and not being able to continue. This could result from looking down and panicking or your strength could give out and you just can’t continue. You can overcome this concern when you realize that if you feel yourself getting to the point that you must stop, all you need to do is signal your belayer to help you down and you can try again another day.

Climbing Down – Many people can make it to the top without hesitating only to discover they’re afraid to come back down. This is a common fear but one that can be control by being prepared. There are classes you can take that will teach you the different techniques of climbing down so you can find one that you’re comfortable using.

While there are many other concerns and fears that people may have, these are some of the most common. When you learn that many other climbers have the same concerns and fears that you do, it can help you overcome your fears so you can experience the excitement of rock climbing.