Sean Payton Joining The Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones may be interested in the news that Saints head coach Sean Payton will not be under contract with the Saints for next season. Sean Payton already has a home in the Dallas area and he has been a part of the Dallas Cowboys organization in the past. Payton is a disciple of Bill Parcells and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still has a lot of respect for the work that Parcells did during his time in the National Football League. Jerry Jones has not hesitated to hire someone with an offensive or defensive background. Jones has hired both Dave Campo and Chan Gailey as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in the past, he was not happy with results that were offered by either of those gentlemen.
Roger Goodell is going to really look at any team that hires Sean Payton with a bit of a skeptical eye following the Saints bounty scandal. Goodell already banned Gregg Williams from coaching in the National Football League after Williams was hired by the St. Louis Rams to be their defensive coordinator. The best defensive coordinators are going to be aggressive, but only the National Football League does not want anyone in their league who they feel may be too aggressive.

Jerry Jones is going to want to sell tickets and make sure his new stadium does not end up losing money for him. Jones understands the need for maintaining a solid global presence when you are trying to run a successful team in the National Football League. There are a lot of people who really question whether the Cowboys truly have the receivers in order to compete for the Lombardi Trophy in the coming years. Kevin Ogletree has to be able to show up on a more consistent basis. Cole Beasley is another wideout that you simply do not hear enough from, people have to wonder whether Jason Garrett has been able to motivate the wideouts to a reasonable level.

Tony Romo on the other hand is someone that a lot of people criticize on a regular basis, some people simply think that Jerry Jones is simply too close to Tony Romo and he lets Romo get away with too many mistakes. Would Sean Payton tolerate the kind of mistakes that Tony Romo would make? I certainly have my doubts about that.

Ultimately Sean Payton will likely stay with the New Orleans Saints; Payton has a very strong relationship with quarterback Drew Brees. Drew Brees got a lot of respect from Payton and the Saints when a lot of other teams were not knocking on his door.