Should Fantasy Baseball League Owners Still Like Ike Davis?

Ike Davis has been a cult hero ever since he was called up to the New York Mets in 2010. The first baseman became a rookie sensation in his first year with the team, with fans proclaiming, “I like Ike.” The first-round draft pick, a compensation pick for Tom Glavine going back to the Atlanta Braves,  was one of the few highlights of the 2010 Mets season. In his rookie year he hit .264, with 19 homers and 71 runs batted in, and played flawless first base. Not only that, but Davis attracted attention for being the son of former New York Yankees reliever Ron Davis, and for looking like a young Bruce Springsteen.

Not living up to early promise

In 2011, Mets fans looked forward to seeing Davis blossom as a player, only to see him miss most of the season due to an ankle injury suffered after an in-game collision. Then in the spring of 2012, Davis came down with valley fever, a respiratory ailment and fungal disease. Although he reportedly received a clean bill of health for the 2012 season, Davis has been painful to watch. He currently has one of the lowest batting averages  in the majors at .199 at press time, and has been brutal with runners in scoring position, getting only a handful such hits this season. His slugging percentage at press time was .382, though, due to him hitting 6 home runs in June, and his on base percentage is only .273 at press time.

What’s wrong with Davis

Is Davis sick? He says he is not, as do the Mets, but he just isn’t the same player that he was in 2010, although he has picked it up a bit as of late. There had been talk about sending him down to the minor leagues to get back his swing. Something needs to be done, especially since he is the Mets’ first baseman, traditionally a power-hitting position.  After he faltered against the New York Yankees in the Subway Series, some wondered how long the Mets would be patient with him, given that Davis had shown little sign of coming out of his season-long slump. However, he did end up hitting .264 in June.

What to do with Davis for your fantasy team

What should you do if you have Davis on your fantasy baseball team? Sadly, you probably should drop him until he improves. What is going on with Davis is a big mystery, and until it is resolved, you cannot afford to have him at first base for your fantasy team.

Lisa Swan is a blog writer for sites like DraftStreet, a prominent fantasy sports website.