Should Nick Saban Stay at Alabama?

Nick Saban would be an absolute fool to leave Alabama for an NFL coaching gig. There are many reasons that he should stay in the college ranks, but the bottom line is that there is only one reason to go. He would make more money in the NFL, but that is the only thing that would be better about going there. Here’s a look at all the reasons Saban should be smart and stay at Alabama.

He Is Not a Good NFL Coach Saban’s run of success in the college ranks has been extraordinary. He has turned an Alabama program that was down when he arrived into the premier college football program in the country. He is about to play for the chance to win his fourth national championship. He won one at LSU and has already won two with Alabama. All of this amazing success in the college game is in sharp contrast with the mediocrity that he experienced in the NFL. He already spent two years in the NFL as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. His record there was less than stellar, coming in at a very pedestrian 15-17. It would be the height of folly for him to think that it would be any different on his next time around in the NFL. If Saban leaves for the NFL, he will most likely become the coach of a poor team. The Cleveland Browns are the team that he is currently being courted by. There is no indication that Saban has what it takes to turn a bad NFL team into a good one. If he could do that, he would have done it in Miami.

Rock Star Status

Saban already makes close to $6 million a year coaching Alabama. It is hard to believe that he would make so much more in the NFL that it would be worth the headaches. At Alabama, he is treated like a god. Even if he somehow starts losing in Tuscaloosa, he has built up enough goodwill with the fan base to coast on his accomplishments for the next decade. There will be no similar kind of love in the NFL. NFL coaching is a cutthroat business, and he would not have the job security that he enjoys at Alabama.

If he left for the NFL, he also wouldn’t get feted, wined and dined like he currently does by the rich alumni who love him at Alabama. There is a lot to be said for the extremely high quality of life that he enjoys as the head coach of the University of Alabama. It is doubtful he would give it up for a job with a mediocre team in the NFL.

Brittany Sozak is an avid NFL and college football fan. She contributes to several blogs and websites including Crimson Tide Planet, an online store carrying official Alabama gear.