Skateboarding Tips- How to Conquer Your Skating Fears

Do you love skateboarding but tend to hold back for fear of falling and injuring yourself? This is a common problem that most all skaters face at some point. After all, skateboarding is dangerous and there is a risk of being seriously injured but conquering this fear is part of the sport and the excitement. Some fear is justified and is healthy but too much fear will hold you back from advancing in your skill and ability.

Having fear shows that you truly understand the sport and you realize that you can be hurt. This is a good thing because it will help you be more careful and follow the rules. All skaters should respect the sport but you can’t let fear hold you back if you want to become the best skateboarder you can be. Below are a few skateboarding tips that can help teach you how to conquer your skating fears.

Start Out Slowly

There’s no rule that says you have to start out doing tricks right away. Before you begin skateboarding, watch some videos and real skateboarders to see how they respond in different situations. Start out slow and take your time while you learn the feel of your board. You should be very comfortable riding your board, standing on your board and balancing on your board before you attempt tricks. Learn how to fall correctly and you won’t be as afraid to fall.

Pay attention when you fall and think about what you did wrong and how you can correct it. This will go a long way in teaching you how to fall correctly because you’ll learn what to do and what not to do. When you feel comfortable with simply skating around the park, begin adding a few basic tricks and small jumps as you skate.

Move Up Gradually

Before you try to do a trick, you’ll want to learn the basics. For example, learn how to do an Ollie, the basic skateboarding trick, and practice them until you are good at it. When skateboarding on hills, start with the small ones to help you overcome your fear. If you try to start out at the top of a steep hill, this can discourage you and increase your fear.

When learning to jump, start with curbs and other small uneven places before trying to jump off a ramp. The key is to start out slow and continue at the same pace until you feel comfortable and then increase the difficulty level a little at a time.

Practice and Commit

If you’re serious about being a good skateboarder, you need to practice and commit. The more you skate, the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll become. Something that seemed hard to do will begin to feel easy after doing it over and over a few times and this will motivate you to move on to something a little harder. Make a commitment to yourself to push through the fear and conquer skateboarding one trick at a time.