Solidify Your Golf Game with These Tips

Golfing is not the easiest sport to master or to even be good at but there are some tricks that can make anyone a decent player.  There is a great deal of practice involved in golfing so the first thing that should be done is to work hard at the game if want to be good.  Some simple shots that are learned can come in handy when you get into a tight spot.

  • The Bunker – Everyone is afraid of the bunker because it can be nearly impossible to get the ball out of some of them.  The good news is that in all actuality, there is really more to fear from the rough than from the bunker depending on where the ball lies.  The biggest tip for shooting from the bunker is to not shift your weight as much as you would with a normal swing.  This means that right handed people should shift to the left and stay left and the opposite for left hand players.  You also want to have a more open stance in order to keep your balance and your weight from shifting more.
  • Adding Power to Your Swing – One of the most important shots is the shot off the tee because this sets the precedence for the hole.  If you balk on your first shot then there is a likely hood that the hole will end up with a bogey.  The best tip for adding power to your swing is to remain confident no matter what your score is.  Even if you are having a bad day, you need to remain steadfast in the fact that you can play golf.  When your swing is there but you are not connecting as you would like, that is an issue of confidence, not technique.
  • Putting – If you want to master the perfect putt, you must first master your eye line.  Your eye should line the center of the ball with the center of the hole.  If you eye line is off, your shot is not going to go in consistently.  You can have the best stance, grip and swing but if you cannot see the line from the ball to the hole you cannot putt.  This can take some practice, but with time, you will see the shots almost immediately.

Golf is a difficult sport to master but it is also a fun game when you know the basics as well as a few simple tips.  Remember to stay confident when you are driving the ball and to keep a good eye line when putting.  The bunker is nothing to be afraid of if you look at it as just another shot and keep your balance to one side rather than shooting through.