Steve Nash Joins The Lakers, But Will Andrew Bynum Hold Them Back?

Can Steve Nash help the Lakers win the NBA Title? Yes, it is possible. I find it unlikely however. Many people out there are going to question whether the new Lakers backcourt may be simply too old to win an NBA Championship. A big question will be whether or not Pau Gasol ends up remaining on the Lakers roster. Gasol and Bynum are the two seven footers that many teams end up desiring, but there are a lot of people who still criticize the softness of a guy like Pau Gasol.

There are many people out there who may not have understood where the Lakers were going until they decided to get a guy like Steve Nash and keep both Bynum and Gasol. Bynum is someone who has to show a certain amount of commitment to the process of becoming a successful NBA star on a consistent basis. Paul Gasol is not someone who can always find success in the post, but very few people question his commitment to the process of winning basketball games. The same thing cannot be said about Andrew Bynum. Mike Brown may not be the coach who can motivate Andrew Bynum in order to get things done.

The Lakers are no longer planning to sign Ramon Sessions now that they are going to have Steve Nash on the team, many people out there were already questioning whether Sessions was good enough to be a starter on the Los Angeles Lakers roster to begin with. Sessions and his team thought the contract talks with the Lakers were going well so this Nash trade probably caught him off guard.

The Phoenix Suns on the other hand want to be able to move forward with a younger roster. Eric Gordon and Michael Beasley are two players that they are trying to sign and develop a true strategy on how to move forward. Gordon may not be able to play for the Suns because the offer sheet that he signed with the Suns very well may be matched by the New Orleans Hornets. Gordon is a restricted free agent and the Suns are also likely to let players like Grant Hill go. The Suns are looking to make some moves and rebuild while the Lakers are trying to win a championship now and thus they are going to have to work hard in order to make sure that they live up to the standards of Dr. Jerry Buss their owner. I personally think that Andrew Bynum