Suns Sign Jermaine O’Neal

Who is going to be the fact of the Phoenix Suns now that Steve Nash is no longer on the team. The Suns did just sign Jermaine O’Neal. I know Jermaine O’Neal has not done much in recent years, but a lot of people truly doubted this guy after he was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers right out of high school. O’Neal is only thirty three years old and I would hope that Jermaine O’Neal would at least be able to help Michael Beasley continue his NBA career and make sure that Beasley is able to reach his full potential.

It would be a good thing if players like P.J. Tucker and Jeff Dyson do everything they can to make sure the Suns are able to compete in a given situation and hopefully make the playoffs. Tucker has played overseas for the last couple of years, this means that he should be hungry and ready to stay in the NBA. Tucker was a standout player at the University of Texas. There are many analysts out there who were not surprised by the fact that the Timberwolves took the time to gave up on Wesley Johnson who is now on the Suns roster.
There are so many basketball fans who seem to think that it is automatically management’s fault if their favorite team begins to struggle, they want the team to spend a lot more money and always try to stay competitive. Jermaine O’Neal obviously feels like he has something to offer from a basketball standpoint. Some people were joking that the Suns may sign Ron Mercer next in order to make another great move. Mercer of course had a very limited NBA career overall while Jermaine O’Neal is a six time All Star so the comparison of course was a joke, but even then the comparison is irrelevant. Ron Mercer did stay in the NBA a lot longer than many people give him credit for as well.

People have to make sure that they can really afford to put a quality team on their floor and this will take some effort from players like Jared Dudley. Dudley has to make some bigger moves for the Suns if they do expect to put enough points on the board. Dudley is a high energy guy and capable of being a slasher, but he really isn’t a guy that can show a lot of points on a regular basis.

Robert Sarver, the Suns owner does want to put an interesting product on the floor. Jermaine O’Neal can play a role in that process.