The Difference Between Men and Women’s Bikes

 According to reports the number of woman cyclist are increasing so it would be seemingly fit that bicycles would evolve accordingly.  A lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are differences between the bikes for women and men. It comes down to size as well as structure so let us take a look at how and why they are different. Most of the time it is not crucial to ride a gender specific bike, but if you are a serious cyclist, this can make a difference.


The main parts of a men and women bikes are the same, the top tube, seat tube, head tube and down tube form a triangle, which is the main structure of the bicycle. Some bikes are structured with the the top tube goes down to the seat tube to make it easier for a lady to climb onto the bike. Mens bicycles will have a horizontal tube that runs parallel to the ground. Even though it does not matter as much today,the horizontal tube used to be made of weaker materials than the rest of the bike. It did make a difference on the structural strength if the tube was horizontal or not, that is why the men’s bike seemed to give more strength. Competitive women cyclists did not have the privilege of these structural differences in the past and they had no choice but to compete on bikes that were advantageous for men.

Handlebars and Wheels

Naturally men have longer arms than women. The handlebars for women will be closer to the body than that of the men. The handlebars are also more narrow than the handlebars on a men’s bike. The size of the wheels also vary, where a woman could choose to ride a bike with smaller wheels. Women are said to have longer legs than men, and a shorter torso, so the geometric frame is structured accordingly.


Back in the day it was believed to be immoral for a woman to show her legs. Bikes had to be structured in such a way that it would be possible for women to ride with long skirts or without exposing their legs. Today it is completely normal for a lady to wear trousers or shorts when riding a bicycle, but the saddle might vary in size according to the type of bicycle the lady prefers. Cruise bikes have bigger saddles than your normal bikes, and for commuting cheap cruiser bikes are preferred. You will find that cheaper cruiser bikes have unisex saddles, which can be rather uncomfortable for serious riders.


Even though the functionality of women and men bicycles are rather similar, manufacturers are attempting to put a gender specific touch to each bike. Bikes will differ in color as well as shape to a certain degree. Men might prefer bicycles in darker colors where as women might want a more girly-looking bike. This will all depend on the personal taste and preferences of the individual. There are no rules when it comes to the design of your bicycle, certain styles and frames are just more popular than others.

The perfect fit

It might be the case that you don’t fit the men or women stereotype when it comes to the structure and size of the bike. The main difference in structure is because of the general build of men and women. If you are a lady with shorter legs and shorter torso, but with long arms, you might have to consider a bicycle originally structured for men. Don’t be shy to try out the fit of some women bikes if you are a shorter man, with rather long legs. There is no shame in choosing either, it is all about what suites and fits your body type and shape. Choosing the perfect bicycle will mostly just be necessary if you are into competitive biking. If you just enjoy a casual ride twice a week then a normal cruiser bike would suffice.

At the end of the day it would be advised to get a professional opinion from the company or manufacturer regarding the specific bicycle that you are interested in. Cycling can either be a rather competitive sport where you would want to make all the adjustments to better your performance, or it could just be a way for you to relax while riding along the beach. Buy a bike according to your budget and needs and you won’t be disappointed.


By author Anneke Steenkamp, a guest writer for Cruiserbikes. Cruiserbikes is one of the biggest supplier of quality cheap cruiser bikes.