Thinking About Joining a Karate Program, Here’s what to Expect

As soon as you enroll in a karate school, it will be time to prepare for class. The first step is to become familiar with the uniforms that will be worn. In karate, everyone wears the same uniform during the training process. The uniform is called a karate gi which is often all white, but can some in all colors, with a patch to show which club or group one belongs to.

Karate Uniforms

Typically, when different colors are worn by students and instructors in the class it is an indication of their rank or a specific team within the school. When training, it is wise to mimic higher ranking students, practice how they contort their bodies during different movements, and pay close attention to everything your instructors are teaching you.

Karate gis are made up of pants and a jacket with the pants having a drawstring and a jacket with no buttons. Students will often wear a t-shirt under their karate uniform; however, often during practice the top of the gi is replaced with the karate school’s official t-shirt.

All training takes place with bare feet; if you attempt to train with shoes or socks on, you will lack in fully developing strength and flexibility in your feet, which is important for moving quickly, accurately, and preventing injury.

Physical Contact in Training

For beginner martial artists, you will start out with noncontact karate while you learn basic karate skills. During this time, students won’t be involved in sparring or grappling, instead they will learn self-defense, evasion, and how to properly throw fundamental punches and kicks.

Skills and Lessons Learned

Learning karate is fun, but the seriousness of the art can’t be ignored. Taking advantage of your skills, showing off, or seeking out confrontations is not acceptable behavior for any student and is widely recognized as an unwritten rule that all martial artists abide by. Martial arts schools are dedicated to improving the lives of their students through the practice of martial arts. Students are taught the values of positive attitude and discipline, which in turn helps them become well-rounded, responsible, and successful adults later in life.

While training, you can expect to achieve your martial arts and fitness goals quickly, while learning from qualified, knowledgeable, and respected instructors. Karate schools offer fun, high energy classes, complete with excellent cardio and endurance workouts that build strength, awareness, and self-defense skills. So pay attention, practice often, don’t forget to have fun and let karate enrich your life as it has done to so many before you.

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