Titans Looking Forward With Jake Locker

Jake Locker appears to be the horse that the Tennessee Titans have hitched their wagon to at quarterback for the time being. Matt Hasselbeck appears to be on board with the idea of mentoring the young quarterback who has always come across as a very nice and capable young man.

Locker was the kind of guy who people like to say he had nothing around him when he was in college. The Washington Huskies certainly had some down years when he was attending school there. The Titans were of course in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, this is not really a fact that should surprise anyone given the fact that Manning has some roots in the state of Tennessee. Manning was also offered an ownership stake in the Titans as well. The ownership stake in the Titans certainly could of come in handy when Manning’s playing days were over and he in ready to move full time into the business world.

The reason that I brought this up is to prove that Jake Locker should not be offended by the fact that the Tennessee Titans pursued Peyton Manning, it should be expected given the fact that Manning led the Vols to a National Championship during his time there.

Jake Locker on the other hand always had his own credentials to back things up with. The man was drafted by the Anaheim Angels in order to play professional baseball. Locker was also a guy who never complained while he was on a winless team at the University of Washington. The fact that Washington had a winless team one year may have even played a role in the early retirement of Tyrone Willingham as a football coach, but many other people would also say that Willingham simply had other interests he wanted to pursue.

I would be excited about the possibility of Locker being able to make a fair amount of plays with his feet. The Titans had a quarterback that definitely had that ability in the past with Vince Young, but the truth is that Jake Locker does not seem to come with the same emotional ups and downs that they get with Vince Young. Young has been rumored to battle depress in the past, and I certainly don’t mean to make light of such a situation or to imply that people with depression can’t play quarterback with a great amount of success in the NFL.

Jake Locker should probably be given four or five years in order to make the proper progressions. A quarterback like Matt Leinart has been able to stay in the league for a long time, so this certainly means that a guy like Locker deserves a real shot as well.