Top 5 Tips For Puncture Protection

If you’re a keen cyclist then the last thing you want is a puncture that stops you in your tracks and takes time and effort to fix. Follow these tips for puncture protection and make punctures a thing of the past for your bike.

Inspect Your Tyres

Take the time to give your tyres the onceover after every ride so you can pick up any minor faults and repair them there and then, rather than getting a puncture the next time you ride. Make sure you’ve got plenty of light and spin each wheel slowly to search for any embedded objects. Good light is essential if you want to see things like thin shards of glass.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Debris often get swept to the side of the road by cars so always look out for glass, nails and other sharp objects when you’re riding and don’t ride over them. If you see something shiny in the road ahead then the chances are it could be something that can puncture your tyres so always keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Rub Your Tyre

If you do drive over any sharp objects like broken glass then once it’s safe to stop, give your wheel a rub with the padded part of your glove to dislodge any debris and avoid a slow puncture. Spin your wheels and rub your hand slowly over them so that any debris will be knocked off. This is a good way to remove thin shards of glass which can eventually work their way down into the wheel.

Patch Minor Problems

If you find any punctures or cuts whilst inspecting your tyres, get them patched as quickly as possible. You can use shoe goo or super glue to do the job. Once you’ve made

repairs let the air out of your tyre and then pump it up again, this will help create a strong seal. If the puncture can’t be fixed then you will need to invest in new tyres.

Invest In Your Tyres

The best way to avoid punctures and the associated problems is to make sure you invest in high quality tyres. Many tyres available today, such as ENVE wheels, offer puncture protection and are puncture resistant. They are reinforced with extra thick rubber which makes them very difficult to puncture. You can also use tyre liners to give your bike added protection from punctures.

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