Top Tips On Good Locker Room Etiquette

Tips to help you keep within the boundaries of behaviour when it comes to sharing a locker room with other people. When you join a new sports team or a new gym, you’re likely to have your own attitude to the social aspect of things. The locker room can be as much a social space as a practical space for those who go to the gym. However, others prefer to keep the social side of things completely separate from their sporting or training interests. Given the different approach people take to sport and its more sociable elements, it’s important to have some idea of locker room etiquette. It doesn’t hurt to negotiate your distance in the right way in order to make sure you fit in to the degree that you want to fit in – no more and no less.

Watch where you look

It’s important that you don’t make other people feel uncomfortable when you’re in the locker room. Lingering looks in the wrong direction might be innocuous enough but they won’t always be interpreted that way. Focus on what you’re doing and try not to take in the scenery.

Acknowledge personal space

It’s often best to keep yourself to yourself when you’re in the locker room. Naturally, you’re bound to be in close quarters with the other guys or girls, but that doesn’t mean you have to encroach on people’s personal space. It’s all about negotiating distance. If you have to question whether you’re too close then you probably are.

Limit your nudity

Most people use the showers when they hit the gym or when they have been exercising. You have to expect to see a little nudity and to be naked yourself, but you should keep this to a minimum. Even if you’re really comfortable with having your bits on show other people may be less comfortable with it and there’s no reason why you can’t cover up with a towel.

Be hygienic

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, unhygienic atmosphere in the locker room. There’s really no excuse for making the place untidy or for contributing in any way to an unpleasant environment. Remember that you’re sharing the space and you should leave it as you found it.

Watch the clock

It can make people uncomfortable if you’re hanging around in the changing room with nothing to do. Keep an eye on the clock, do what you need to do and then get on your way. You can hang around in the bar afterwards if necessary. The changing room is certainly no place for phone conversations. It’s far more sociable to treat the locker room as a practical necessity.

Chris Lated shares his interest on Locker Room Etiquette on behalf of Cube Products Services Ltd