What to Avoid Eating at a Baseball Game

While you enjoy your favorite team scoring home runs and stealing bases, it is only natural that you would want to enjoy a nice snack to go with it! However many foods served at baseball stadiums may not be so healthy for you. Most of the foods served at baseball games contain large amounts of fat and calories. Hot dogs, while delicious can also be destructive to your body. Hot dogs are often grilled and contain lots of fats. Most food salesman at baseball games do not offer healthy options such as a vegetarian dog, or even a tofu dog. Hot dogs should often be avoided for their high fat content.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is another common treat found at any baseball game. While it looks delicious and can be a child’s favorite treat, it is one of the most unhealthy foods they can serve. Cotton candy is made of almost pure sugar, which can be bad for your teeth and body. If you ingest too much sugar, it can lead to various bodily issues such as type two diabetes. Since cotton candy is made of almost pure sugar, it is not good to eat on a healthy diet. Sugar content is too high in cotton candy and should be avoided if you already consume large amounts of sugar.

Candy Bars

Different types of popular candy bars are also sold at baseball games. While this type of treat is purchased less than the other items on the menu, candy bars can also be really damaging to your health. Candy bars contain fat, trans fats, and even sugar. While candy bars contain high amounts of fat, trans fats, and sugar, it also contains a high calorie count. Calories can be damaging to diets, and can also aid in the gaining of weight. Various different candy bars are also bad for your teeth, as they contain ingredients that can be easily stuck in between your teeth such as caramel, nuts, and nougat.


Not only should foods be avoided being eaten at baseball games, but the various drinks that are served can also be harmful to your health. A common beverage served at baseball games is beer, as well as soda. Beer is known to contain a large amount of calories, while soda is known to contain harmful ingredients and large amounts of sugar. Beer can be damaging to the liver, while sugar can be damaging to your teeth and kidneys. However baseball games do serve acceptable drinks, which is mainly water. Water is always a good choice if you need a beverage to drink on a hot day at a baseball game!

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