What to Do After a Skateboarding Injury

Skateboarding is a sport in which injuries do occur from time to time. No matter how good you can skate or how careful you are, you cannot eliminate falls completely. However, you can keep from making your skateboarding injury worse when you know what to do after one occurs.

The most important thing for you to do is to evaluate your injury and determine how severe it is. Sometimes, you can shake off the fall and go right back to skating and other times you’ll need to have it checked out by a doctor. If you think you could be seriously hurt, don’t keep pushing on because you’re embarrassed to let others know you’re hurt. If you’re not sure how bad it is, don’t take chances. Get it checked out right away.

Minor Injuries

You can take care of minor injuries at home. Ice can help reduce swelling and you can wrap sprains and strains to aid in the healing process. Limit your activity for a while to give your body time to heal. When the injury heals and you’re ready to begin skating again, do stretching exercises to help prepare your body and get it ready for the activity.

Serious Injuries

When your doctor diagnoses you with a serious injury, he will provide you with a recovery plan. Take this seriously and follow the doctor’s advice. Sometimes, skaters don’t take recovery exercises or physical therapy seriously and when they begin to feel better, they stop doing them. This hinders the healing process and increases the chance of reinjuring yourself, so follow the doctor’s orders. Joint injuries can be very serious and a bit tricky, so don’t take them lightly even if the pain does subside.

What to Do After a Serious Injury

Before returning to skateboarding after a serious injury, ask your doctor if you’re ready. If he suggests you wait a while longer or that you go through more therapy before you begin skateboarding again, listen and heed this advice. If you’re given the OK to go ahead, start out slowly and work your way back up. After an injury and you spend time recovering, your body is weaker. Therefore, it’s important to do stretches and wear safety gear to reduce your risks of re-injuring yourself when you begin skateboarding again.

Taking proper care and time to heal after an injury is very important. If you reinjure yourself, you could hurt your chances of skating in the future.