What to Wear when Indoor Rock Climbing

Jan 09, 12

When indoor rock climbing, it’s important to have the right clothing. This very physical sport requires you to move and bend without restrictions so finding something comfortable is the key to performing well. When you have the right clothing, you can concentrate on the climb instead of wishing you had worn a different shirt. The clothes you wear will make a big difference in the way you perform when climbing.

Since you’re climbing in a controlled environment when indoor rock climbing, you can wear most anything that’s comfortable. The only thing you need to keep in mind is safety. You don’t want anything getting caught in ropes or pulleys and causing injury.

What to wear when indoor rock climbing:

  • Wearing shorts will make it easier to bend your knees without restrictions so it will be easier to climb. If you choose to wear shorts, the longer styles that fit close to legs will be the best choice. You’ll be wearing a harness that will go around each leg and if your shorts are too short, this could be very uncomfortable.

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