Where to Buy Rare Retro Skateboarding Stickers

Stickers are like currency to skateboarders. They are fun, they are cool and you can collect them and trade them with your friends. You can usually buy skateboarding stickers from your local skate shop and from some sporting goods stores. Since skating is more popular than ever before, you will also find them in Walmart, Target and department stores from time to time. These are usually modern, trendy skateboarding stickers. You can also go straight to the manufacturers of skateboards to find great stickers.

However, skate stickers are nothing new and they’ve been around for years. If you want rare, retro or unusual skateboarding stickers, you need to know where to find them. Maybe you’re looking for certain stickers to take you back to your youth or maybe you just want a particular design or decal that you just cannot find anymore.

Another reason skateboarding fans shop for rare skateboarding stickers is to collect them. This can be a hobby in itself, much like some people collect cards.

Here are some great places to buy rare retro skateboarding stickers:

Retro Skate Stickers- This website is one of my favorites. They have new stickers, retro stickers and other skateboarding stuff as well. Brands of retro stickers include H-Street, Skull Skates, World Industries, Gordon and Smith and more. They can vary in price from $10 to $60 or more, depending on the sticker and how rare it is.

Old Skate Stickers- This is pretty cool because this guy is giving away free stickers. I tried it and he really does it. All you have to do is send him a SASE and he will send you back one cool sticker (limit of one per month per person). His skate sticker gallery is really awesome and brings back a lot of memories for me. And of course, he also has a web store full of great retro stickers for sale.

eBay.com- Another good place to look for rare retro skateboarding stickers is eBay. It’s hard to say at any given time what you might find there and you should always check feedback for the buyer, read the description properly and make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy but this can be an excellent source of finding auctions for rare stickers you won’t find anywhere else.