Why Has Adam Morrison Failed In The NBA?

Did Adam Morrison’s knee injury ruin his career? The truth may be that he was never able to play effectively in the NBA as Charles Barkley once said. Morrison was a different who people wanted to learn more about when he was at Gonzaga. Morrison still sounds surprised over the fact that he actually gets paid to play basketball. There are so many people who seem to take the money for granted and yet he still sounds like he wouldn’t mind playing college ball again.
Adam may not have done enough of the little things necessary to stay in the league. A scouting report should label a player as adequate on the offensive and defensive glass in order for a player to truly feel comfortable in the NBA. Can Adam Morrison truly say that he was adequate on both the offensive and defensive glass, in his own admission he would probably say no.

I was looking at a scouting report from 1992 on Sam Perkins (completely different player from Morrison) and it stated that Perkins was an adequate player in up tempo situations, now I would say that Adam Morrison is very capable when it comes to playing an up tempo, fast break kind of game and yet he doesn’t necessarily get out on the break and try to create those kind of situations. The style of play that is implemented by a coaching staff can also make a difference in whether or not a player is able to reach their full potential. Bernie Bickerstaff and the Bobcats had so many other things on their plate as they were trying to build that team back in 2006-2007.

If you look at the roster there certainly were some players on that team who were capable of running an up tempo style, but truthfully I would trust Derek Anderson to play the role that Morrison could have played for that team within a fast paced game. Morrison was always a guy who preferred isolation and getting his own shot up in college, he never has been able to adapt to a role in the NBA.

Phil Jackson was certainly focused on the execution of the triangle and was never known for really encouraging a fast break game. Morrison could have flourished as a spot up shooter with the Lakers if things had worked out for him during his time there.
Rod Higgins and other people in the Charlotte Bobcats front office are now trying to take some of the heat off of Bobcats owner Michael Jordan by implying that Jordan had very little to do with the drafting of Adam Morrison. The idea of the greatest NBA player of all time no longer wanting to be linked to you does have to hurt a little bit.