Why The Bobcats Struggle With Attendance Part 2

Does Michael Jordan do enough to promote the Charlotte Bobcats?

The truth of the matter is that many Bobcats fans simply do not feel like Michael Jordan is doing enough to promote the team that he owns. Would it help the image of the team if Jordan did more promotional work with the Bobcats?, Sure, but I also have a feeling that Jordan is trying to see if the team can stand on its own two feet so to speak. The Wizards may have leaned too much on Jordan in order to improve their attendance numbers during his two year return to the court.

The fact that the team fired Doug Collins right after the season may have been a sign that Abe Polin thought the Wizards were too dependent upon Michael Jordan as well, it is hard to not become dependent upon the greatest player of all time. Many people do point at the fact that they got rid of Corey Maggette on draft night as more evidence that the Bobcats are just more interested in cutting costs than they are at winning basketball games. Magette may be nearing the end of his more productive seasons, it was good to see Corey Magette become a success in the NBA while other Duke players like Trajan Langdon, William Avery and Chris Carawell probably did not reach their full potential. Carawell was a bit of a defensive specialist when he was at Duke.
Corey Maggette was a Duke player so his ties to the state can be noted, but wouldn’t it be interesting if the Bobcats were able to land coach Mike Krzyzewski to be a part of their organization, but of course he would never leave Duke in order to be a part of the Bobcats staff in anyway, we need not talk as if we are in dream land here. The economy in the state of North Carolina is not really at its best, but some people still say that the Bobcats are much better financial shape than the Indiana Pacers for example. The Indiana Pacers are more likely to win basketball games in future years, many people have to give credit to the fairly aggressive approach that some teams have taken in free agency when you compare their approach to the Bobcats. A person who is a fan of the NBA may see more teams trying to win games if it simply meant more to win your division.