Why You Should Make the Switch to Natural Supplements

If you think your multi-vitamin is giving you all of the nutrients you need, you might have to think again. While taking pills is never a magic “cure-all” for a nutritious and balanced diet, most people will benefit from taking supplements with the average person’s diet typically filled with processed foods, refined grains, high fructose syrup as well as unhealthy fats and sugars.

In addition to a poor diet, much of our nation’s food has decreased in nutritional value because of the soil at the commercial farms they’re grown on is often nutritionally deficient. With crops grown in the same area for years, the soil doesn’t have time to replenish the nutrients and minerals that crops require, ultimately decreasing the nutritional value of the food produced.

Still, everyone should do their best to eat nutritiously and avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and especially all trans fats. Eating organic food that is locally grown, avoiding toxins, processed foods and genetically modified ingredients are just a few of the best things you can do for your body in addition to breathing fresh air, drinking clean water and eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

Even if you are doing your best to eat a healthy diet, there is no doubt that it is difficult and supplements are still an important part of staying healthy.

The problem with synthetic supplements

With the many synthetic vitamins and minerals cheap and readily available, most people are fooled into thinking they are getting what their body needs when they really aren’t.

Vitamins made from synthetic chemicals that are produced in a lab aren’t readily absorbed by the body like the vitamins and minerals found naturally in our food.  Experts estimate that only 50% of a synthetic vitamin is actually used by the body, and likely lower than that. Some even estimate that as little as ten percent of synthetically made supplements are absorbed as they travel through the digestive system.

Natural supplements

Natural supplements are made from food and not compounds like coal tar or acetylene gas as synthetic supplements are made from. These supplements are not only more easily absorbed, they are far superior and also free from harmful chemicals. The biggest benefit of using natural vitamins and minerals is that they absorbed much better because they are made from organic food sources and free from pesticides.

There a a wealth benefits derived from eating nutritiously and taking natural supplements. Your body is more likely to all of the energy it needs to perform, allowing you to live life to its fullest, as well as helping to protect you from the numerous stresses of today’s fast paced world, decreasing the chance of many different illnesses.

It’s worth paying a little more to treat your body right. Investing in your health is almost always a good investment!