Will Mike Leach Be Able To Land Big Recruits At Washington State?

Mike Leach has been landing some top college football recruits already in his time at Washington State University. Fans of the Texas Tech Red Raiders are probably quite jealous of all of the recruiting success that Leach has already had in the Pacific Northwest. The Red Raiders fans out there still wish that Leach was bringing talent to Lubbock, Texas.

The PAC-12 is certainly not a less contentious league than the Big 12 will be in comparison, but the truth of the matter is that the expectations game will be lower when you compare the Washington State Cougars to the Texas Tech Red Raiders.
Alex Jackson is someone who cannot be missed when you are discussing the Washington State recruiting class. It will be interesting to see how many touchdowns this six four receiver will put on the board if everything works out at Washington State and he is able to stay healthy. Jackson is the kind of big receiver that can have a lot of success in Leach’s system. He is the kind of receiver that Leach often recruited to Texas Tech. Jackson comes from Culver City and he is up to date with pretty tough competition because Culver City is a pretty good breeding ground for football talent in the state of California. Jackson should play a key role when Leach is making wits with another offensive minded coach like Lane Kiffin in what will most likely be some classic shootouts.

Leach is not going to lack for candor and he has to let go of several of Paul Wulff’s recruiting class because they simply did not fit his style of play, this does not mean that they are not quality football players who can play on the Division I level, you are just dealing with someone in Mike Leach who knows the kind of player that he wants and need.

Leach is an interesting guy who is not only likely to land a recruit, but he also takes the time to play a game of ping pong at the recruit’s house and remember the score of the ping pong game. Leach hopes to hit the L.A. area hard on the recruiting trail in recent years, this is why he hired several staff members who have tied to Los Angeles. Leach went to school at Pepperdine so he believes this will help him land recruits throughout the state. Leach is also not afraid to recruit anywhere however, he was able to land two recruits from American Samoa for example.