Women’s Cycling Equipment

For many years, cycling was noted as being a “man’s sport” and few pieces of equipment were created with the female rider in mind.  Well, times are quickly changing and products are being developed to not only appear more feminine, but to also complement the fit and efficiency of the ride for the woman on the bicycle.  Below is a list of some of the best products for women in the field of cycling and a short review of each.

Cycling Shoes

There are specific shoes that have been created to enhance the comfort and speed at which women are able to pedal.  Most of them are made out of breathable leather materials, and have adjustable straps across the top of each shoe for adaptability to even the most slender foot.  They range in price from about $40 to $120, but each is designed with the female rider in mind.  The best part is that they are outfitted in feminine designs, which are an incredible step up from the previous bulky masculine designs of the male targeted cycling shoe.  Pearl Izumi’s appear to be some of the more upscale branded shoes in the cycling industry for women, but regardless of brand, you are likely to have increased comfort throughout your ride with the use of cycling shoes!


Not only are helmets a necessary safety precaution whenever you are planning on taking part in a bicycle ride or race of any kind, but they are the newest trend in cycling style to fit the rider.  Not only can they be outfitted in feminine prints such as flowers and pastel colours, but they can be created in order to make the rider more aerodynamic.  New designs have also allowed for a more light and airy feel, which is incredibly beneficial to those women with a large amount of hair beneath their helmet.  If you have shorter or thinner hair, it is generally appropriate to stick with the stereotypical women’s helmet, as they aim to benefit women as a whole with a smaller design, as women typically have smaller craniums than men do.

Water Bottles

Mountain bikes are generally outfitted with a specific holder beneath the seat for various shapes and forms of water bottles.  While it is true that men appreciate the ability to colour coordinate, women seem to excel in the field of matching accessories.  Water bottles for bicycles should be no exception!  Staying hydrated is the most important aspect to any high endurance sport or activity, so the necessity of a water bottle is unavoidable.  However, new developments in bottle colour and styles to better fit a women’s hand have been increasingly popular among the cycling world.  Bottles tend to be structured evenly between the more cost efficient Camelbak plastic to the more expensive Nathan steel water bottles, but both offer their consumers with a wide variety of colour schemes to be aesthetically pleasing to the owner.

Padded Cycling Shorts

During long bike rides of any kind, padded cycling shorts seem to be the necessary product to take along for the ride.  As was mentioned with the women’s cycling shoes, comfort is an incredibly important factor in the success of any cyclist during a big race.  The padded shorts aid in not only providing that new element of comfort, but they reduce the rider’s fatigue by compressing the muscles in the legs and reducing the soreness associated with the ride.  The women’s bicycling shorts are not only aimed at creating a stylish look, but also at better complimenting the female figure than that of the male or unisex riding shorts.  For serious riders, cycling shorts should not be overlooked as an unnecessary accessory, as their benefit outweighs their cost many times over.

Of course, depending on the weather you may also want to look into purchasing cycling jackets and cycling tights – both of which will keep you warmer during the colder seasons.