Your Golf Fitness Program

If you want to get serious about your golf, it will be important that you begin a quality golf fitness program. Top touring professionals today know that it takes more than just a great game of golf to get you and keep you on the tour. While we are not all born with the natural talent of Tiger Woods or Phil Mikelson, we can all build on what we have. Your golf fitness program will play a big role in this.

When it comes to succeeding in golf and playing your best, it’s important to understand the physical and the mental aspects of the game, your abilities and how to improve these abilities. If you want to gain a competitive edge in your next competition, you need to know how to work these elements into your fitness program.

Here are some things to know about your golf fitness program:

  • It should be specific to golf- machines, equipment and training programs for other sports or training purposes do not always match the mechanics that you need in golf. They often work on isolating certain muscle groups and will not be beneficial to the golfer. You want to work with equipment that gives you a more flexible and functional workout for golf. Things like fitness balls, medicine balls, cable achiness, balance disks and traditional dumbbells are all great tools.
  • Increase your core- much of golf fitness involves your core. A more stable core gives you more power and efficiency in your swing and your golf game. Because golfers will maintain an athletic posture for long periods of time, you will need endurance as well as trunk and core stabilization. Your workout routine should include exercises and activities to boost this.
  • Varied planes of motion- Your golf fitness program should include varied planes of motion throughout the week just as you would do naturally when playing golf. You need to have back to front motion, side to side motions as well as rotational exercises.
  • Healthy, balanced diet- a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of any fitness program but when training for golf, you need to eat like a golfer. While you want to maintain a healthy weight for your size, your body needs a lot of fuel for golf sessions so you need to be sure you are taking in the right nutrients and the right amounts of them.

Now that you know these details about your golf fitness program, you can begin designing a program that will work for you and your needs. If you have a trainer, you will want him or her to be involved in the creation of your golf fitness program as well.