Do It Yourself Golf Accessories

Anyone who is getting started playing golf understands just how much money can be spent on equipment and all the extras that are needed to play a round.  Even those who have been playing for many years knows that there are some items of equipment that are a must have such as a good putter or balls that fly far.  Those who want to save some money can be assured that there is some money saving ways to get what you need without spending a fortune.  In fact there are some really great do it yourself golf accessories that you can make at home with very little effort.

  • Golf Balls – Now, this is not exactly creating an accessory from scratch but is more of an inexpensive improvement to an existing item.  Many golfers use a ball that has a line on it when putting so they can more easily line up the ball to the hole.  This is a great tool but these balls can be quite expensive, much more so than a plain ball.  Instead of spending the money, take a red sharpie and place the ball in a piece of plastic pvc that fits around the ball to use as a guide.  Draw the line with your sharpie and you have an expensive red line ball without spending the money on them.
  • Hand Stamping Golf Clubs – Many players prefer to have their clubs organized for certain types of courses and they do this by having a stamp put on them with a code that they come up with.  They also do this to identify their golf clubs from other sets which may look the same.  They have their initials stamped into the club because they are so expensive that it is important to know if they are ever stolen that they are the ones in question.  Hand stamping your clubs does not have to mean sending them out for expensive engraving.  You can do this at home by simply getting a heavy hammer, stamps from the DIY store and some masking tape.  Put the tape where you want the stamp and use the hammer to make the impression by hitting the stamp into the club.  If you want, you can also use model paint to fill in the stamp so it shows up better.

Golf clubs and golf balls are the two most important golf accessories and are also the highest expenditure for any golfer, novice or pro.  Being able to take the above shortcuts can save money for other accessories like visors and gloves and that is important.  The best part of the two projects is that they can be saved and used on new balls and clubs without having to spend another penny.